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If you have the desire and/or need to keep your dock, part of your fishing pond, or your waterfowl hunting honey hole free from winter ice, please contact me for information and specifics on this fantastic item that I personally have installed. The ice eaters have helped eliminate any winter fish kill in my existing pond as well as a previously owned 35-acre pond in Connecticut.

Due to the many options available, please contact Willow Lake Decoys for an overview of your specific desires so we can quote appropriate pricing.

Fisheries Research

We experienced winterkill in one of our research ponds during winter 2010-2011. A common myth about winterkill is that fish die from exposure to extremely cold temperatures. In reality, winterkill is the result of suffocating the fish. Water plants and algae need sunlight to grow, just like land plants. Risk of winterkill increases when ice forms on ponds, reducing sunlight penetration, and killing the plants and algae. Decomposers begin breaking down the dead plants and algae, but decomposers consume oxygen. Eventually, the oxygen in the pond is used up, suffocating the fish. Winterkill risk increases further in late winter, especially if snow covers the ice. The best way to reduce winterkill is to maintain patches of open water throughout the winter. This allows sunlight to penetrate and plants and algae to produce more oxygen. We rely on Power House Ice Eaters to maintain open water and prevent winterkill in our research ponds.

Dr. Katie Bertrand, Department of Natural Resource Management, South Dakota State University
Dr. Brian Graeb, Department of Natural Resource Management, South Dakota State University



  • 1-hp
  • 7 Amps* 115V (230V also available)
  • Open Diameter: 80'
  • Lbs of Thrust: 36
  • Cord Lengths (ft): 25, 50, 100, 150, 200
  • Shipping Weights: 44, 46, 50, 58, 64